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Gradient Diagram, Catch Siding. Monkey Hill, 2003-12-13. By John Lacey.


What's this sign? Anyone knows?. Ernakulam, 2004-03-14. By Jimmy Jose.


Steam locos have almost disappeared from IR, but the legacy still lives on. This is the old sign for a level cross. Still found all across India. Will a steam train ever cross this level cross?. Ernakulam, 2004-03-13. By Jimmy Jose.


The roads signs have started to change. They have understood that having a steam engine as a sign for a level cross is absurd. This is the new symbol for level cross. Ernakulam, 2004-03-14. By Jimmy Jose.


Saw a similar board in the Teegaon - Chichonda Ghat section on the NGP-ET line. Does this mean sharp curve on downhill tracks ??. By Shanx.


The W/L sign can be found all over the IR. This means "WHISTLE/LEVEL CROSS", warning the loco driver to blow his horn. Ernakulam, 2004-04-04. By Jimmy Jose.


The Hyderabad Multi Modal Transportation project (MMTS) was earlier conceived as the Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS). The nomeclature and the logo changed long back, but this board however still remains. Begumpet Station, Hyderabad, 2004-06-05. By Shan


The board at KM post 241on KZJ-SC line reads: "GRADIENT BOARD - BG 1 IN 100. The prevalent grade at the station is steeper that 1 in 260. Special care should be taken in securing the stable loads on running lines; other lines at your station". B


A notice board put up by SC Rly indicating the proposed site for Amalapuram Station. This station is a part of partially executed project between Kakinada Jn and Bhimavaram. The line passes through Ramachandrapuram, Kotipalli, Amalapuram and Rajolu. As o


Board displaying Best Maintained Gang Length, Nice to see such a information. BYPL, 07-11-2004. By Pavan Kumar.


Signboard of the SBC-MAS passenger. It looks like Seven trains share the same rake. IRFCA SBC Winter 04 Road Trip. KETANDAPATTI, 21-Nov-2004. By Naveen Jain.


A sign board (dont know what it means!) on the ERS-ERN Sector. Ernakulam, 2004-12-15. By Jimmy Jose.


Switch Expansion Joint (picture 1 of 3).Rail 1 viewed from outside. See message no 90212 by KV for explanation. Kamshet, 30-12-2004. By .asHIsh.


Switch Expansion Joint (picture 2 of 3). Rail 2 viewed from inside. See message no 90212 by KV for explanation. Kamshet, 30-12-2004. By .asHIsh.


Desressing Joint (picture 3 of 3). Board showing techincal details about the joint. Kamshet, 15-1-2005. By .asHIsh.