A notice board put up by SC Rly indicating the proposed site for Amalapuram Station. This station is a part of partially executed project between Kakinada Jn and Bhimavaram. The line passes through Ramachandrapuram, Kotipalli, Amalapuram and Rajolu. As of now, Kakinada - Kotipalli Stretch is nearing completion. Still Amalapuram Station may not come up for another few years because of need of construction of a very length proposed rail-road bridge across Godavari (just like in Rajamundry) which runs in between Kotipalli and Amalapuram. Amalapuram has to sacrifice some of its greenery in lieu of a Railway Station. Amalapuram, 24/10/2004. By G. Srinivasan.

Date: 1999-01-25
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Nice work! I wish you had put up a slightly bigger pic though.
Posted by Gallery Administrator on 2004 Nov 02 20:10:47 +0000