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The water level indicator on the tracks at Curry Road, Mumbai. During monsoon floodings, pilots are allowed to ply their trains at reduced speeds even if tracks are submerged but water level is less than the Red level.


Merged pictures that show two sides of the same gradient marker in Palasdhari-Jambrung Section of the Bhore ghats. It shows, track rises 1 in 37 from KM marker 105.7 towards Jambrung, while it decends 1 in 50 from the same location towards Palasdhari.


Three languages, three names. Is it Cherthala, Chettela or Sherthallai?Taken by Ajai Banerji from the Chennai-Alleppey Express, Dec 2005


For those interested in doing MG line begining from Aishbagh, here is the latest time table at Aishbagh.

Darjeeling sign1

A sign at Darjeeling station

Darjeeling sign2

Another sign at Darjeeling station


A strange sign spotted on the Foot Overbridge at Sanathnagar SC.(Maybe deleted if not found suitable)


A sign spotted after crossing WADI(towards SUR), somewhere near the line that joins from the ACC factory. I tried searching in; but couldn't find info. May be this might have been discussed
earlier, and I...

Signal of the weighing bridge

The traffic light signal comes in handy when you have to indicate movement and stoppage of BOXNs and BCNAs at the weighing bridge conveniently. This is the "Electronic In-Motion Weigh Bridge" at Kazipet complete with a dedicated halogen lamp and


Ever wondered how kilometer markers to industrial sidings look like? This is the kilometer marker on the start of the Kochi Refineries Ltd (CRL) line siding


Spotted this peculiar signal post near Bhopal. The main signal assembly has been removed and the shunting post and another with 4 lamps in a caged enclosure can be seen. Any details on the usage of this SPI signal? Picture by Vivek Mathur


Signs at the start of the Ghat Section from Dharakhoh to Maramjhiri. Spring Points are found at Ghudhankhapa and Dharakhoh. Note that the speed for a climbing train on the ghat section has now been raised to 65 kmph from the earlier 55 kmph.


ISO Certificate as awarded to BBQ Trip Shed.


Strange signboard I saw on Rajkot - Surendranagar line. Anyone pls. explain. Dushyant Jani

Specific Instructions

Accurate information! At the Sewagram curve this board caught my attention. Speed restrictions have been provided quite clearly for the crossing and the curve. Vivek Mathur