Date: 2004-04-08
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Entering Gangapur City. The question is how this W/L signage put on plft. They are supposed to be put before LC ? Can any one explain this. By Shailesh Jasani. Onboard GT Mail From NDLS-> BCT. 2005-02-19.


A notice saying that Rooftop travelling is punishable under section 156 of Railways act. On board 6345, 2005-02-13. By Binai.K.Sankar.


This particular sign refers a Loco driver as a \"PILOT\". I have never seen IR refer them as a \"Pilot\" anyplace else. This is the only instance :-). Gulbarga, February 8, 2005. By Nikhil Ganu.


The plate on tunnel 26 referred to in , after its cleanup. The text reads. Bhore Ghats, 2005-03-06. By .asHIsh.


Handicrapped? A case of the railways treating the disabled like sh**??? From a stencilled sign inside an ER EMU. Near Naihati, WB, 2005-04-03. By Samit Roychoudhury.


Unique rivetted number plate on one of KJM loco, As one can see number and class of loco is rivetted on the side of cab. Bangalore City Jn., 06-04-2005. Pavan Kumar.


Remember this when you try to use a gas cutter on your computer chassis too ;-). This sticker is meant to warn shed staff to do the needful before beginning commissioning work. The loco is WDM3D 11110 headed towards Erode with the Varanasi Chennai Express


Concrete Sleepers being loaded to the Flat cars. Narayanpet Rd, 6 Apr 2005. Jai Narayanan.


"The Pennar Crossing" sign. Tadipatri, 6 Apr 2005. Jai Narayanan.


This is the road number of the 1st WCAM3 loco from BHEL. This loco was coupled to the PA-CSTM Indrayani Express. PF #1 Pune, 16th April 2005. Kharad Zarir Variyava.


Name plate of the train on the loco. PF #1 Pune, 16th April 2005. Kharad Zarir Variyava.


Name plate of the train on the SLR. PF #1 Pune, 16th April 2005. Kharad Zarir Variyava.


Logo of the IR. Pune, 16th April 2005. Kharad Zarir Variyava.


There cannot be a better place than this to display a warning for passengers travelling on EMU rooftops. UP fast track to Churchgate runs below this board. Grant Road Station, 2005-04-12. .asHIsh.


Kamshet station board in new scheme. Boards of all stations between Lonavala and Pune are being done in this new scheme. Kamshet, 2005-05-07. .asHIsh.