Date: 2004-04-08
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OK now this is a bit too much.... An electrci loco runningon CNG !!! Coming to the story though... its about NR's plans to run diesel locos on a mixture of CNG & Diesel... is it possible ???`. Delhi, 18/10/2004. By Navbharat Times.


WCAM-1 #21846 heads the 124 Valsad-Mumbai Fast passenger. Note the double-decker coaches. Vaitarna, 2004-12. By Vivek Manvi.


LC Sign @ Bibinagar. Amusing thing is how buffers are drawn one over the other !!. Near Bibinagar, Hyderabad, 8th Jan 2005. By Roopesh Kohad.


Speed restriction or allowance ? for Rajdhani only. Near Bibinagar, Hyderabad, 8th Jan 2005. By Roopesh Kohad.


close up of raise panto sign for the up track. By Shailesh Jasani/20-01-05/virar.


some sort of jurisdiction board.. By SHAILESH JASANI/ VIRAR / 20-01-05.


Speed Limit..... By Shailesh Jasani, Dadar->Madgaon, 22/01/05.


Train information board at Secunderabad (SC). All train names are in hindi and each one of them has a mistake! Though it doesn't matter much as people get the message what it is meant for!. Secunderabad (SC) station, 23rd Jan 2005. By Roopesh Kohad.


CR has control over Vasai Diva stretch. thats what this board denote at the sepearation of vasai-diva lines from vasai bombay lines. What does A/Sr DEN mean ?. By Shailesh Jasani. Vasai Rd -> Diva, 30-10-04.


Lower Pantograph sign for EMU and loco on separate structures. Virar Neutral zone, 01/30/2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.


Raise pantograph sign with only one structure between lower and raise signs. Virar neutral zone, 01/30/2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.


Train to Pakistan! This board tells us exactly how much it would cost to take the Samjhota express to various cities in Pakistan. Note that the fares are ex. Attari. Old Delhi Stn, 2005/01/26. By Bharath Moro.


Board showing details for the third (UP) line in the bhore ghats which goes via Jambrung. Monkey Hill Cabin(MHC), 12 Feb 2005. By .asHIsh.


Gradient marker of one of the lines of the catch siding. Monkey Hill, 2005-02-12. By .asHish.


Gradient marker of the other line of the catch siding. Monkey Hill, 2005-02-12. By .asHish.