Date: 2004-04-08
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Kamshet station board in old scheme. See next photo for new scheme. Kamshet, 2005-05-07. .asHIsh.


Port Trust badge carried by steam locomotives. Bombay Port Trust, 4 Mar 1980. David Churchill.


relic from the MG days the MG shunting yard used to be here long ago. SC, 16june. Laksh.


ICF insignia rivetted onto side of Bolarum - Secunderabad - Umdanagar DMU. Secunderabad, 2005 06 18. Pavan Kumar.


Early morning scene at SC. The pic shows ISO quality policy of SCR. Last time i saw such thing was on Dadar-MAO JS and Deccan Queen. The machine below the board shows real time status of train enquiry like pnr seat avl etc. Secunderabad Station, 12 June 2


Citizens Charter at RPF asstnce booth on plf no 1 of HYB. Hyderabad, 2nd July 2005. Shailesh Jasani.


A piece of history. The board depicts the history of Nampally/HYB station. 2nd July 2005. Shailesh Jasani.


Let some creative geniuses loose on IR and this is what you get - a corruption of a No Smoking sign ;-). Kanhan (Ramtek Nagpur Passenger), May 2005. Alok Patel.


Next time you plan a trip to Africa, be sure to take the Coimbatore - Nizamuddin *CONGO* Express!. Motibagh PRS Counter, Nagpur, May 2005. Alok Patel.


A lower pantograph sign near Alwaye. 2005-07-25, Jimmy Jose


Logo of ICF Madras on a DHMU rake at Secunderabad. 20 Aug 05. Shailesh Jasani.


Destination boards on Tungabharda Express indicating rake sharing between Tungabhadra Express and Secunderabad - Vijayawada Express. Also note wrongly spelt name of Kurnool Town. Falaknuma, 2005 08 15. Pavan Kumar.


A relic depicting the symbol of the Indian Railways stands illuminated on a wall inside the renovated reservation counter at BBS. BBS, 2005-09-29. Bizzy Mishra.


A strange poster brought out by RPF, Guntur division illustrating the many methods used by chain snatchers. I particularly like the one on the bottom. Real cartoon. And the moto of RPF of SCR Guntur Division is "We Perform"


Strange sign I saw today on a catenary in the BBS-CTC route. What does it signify? There were atleast 3 different such signs, with another specifying "500" and yet another showing a bold dashed vertical line. 2005-12-10, Bizzy