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Commemorative logo indicating 50 years of ICF, on one of the coaches of 7685/7686 KCG-SBC Express.


Standard Tools & Equipment chart (Sorry I could not manage Flashlight.)


Unique 4-language station board at VZM. Are there any other such examples? 2006-05-26, Bizzy.


For Bizzy : Here is a station board sign of Raichur with 5 languages. Feb 25, 2006. Manohar Natarajan.


Curchorem?, Kudhachde?, Savayiday?, Savarde?, Sanvordem?.
Where are we?
The sign-board with multiple accents made famous by Ajay Banerjee during his presentation at the IRFCA Pune conference.
IRFCA Mumbai-Madgaon-Miraj-Pune-Mumbai...


I do not know what the Tamil painter wanted to say, but the english painter appears thoroughly confused


One station, two names? Older board calls the station "Hafizpeta" while the newer board meant for MMTS calls it "Hafizpet". MMTS boards have names written in Urdu too


This was the best caption at sanathnagar on the overbridge ...


what does S.S.D. mean?? Dharakhoh. On board Navyug Exp. 2006-08-09. Vinay


Speed restrictions on DHQ-MJY ghat section. What are spring loaded points??. 2006-08-09. Vinay


MHC Pilgrimage-Board warning the LPs of stalling territory.Towards the KAD end of the MHC yard.By Kunal


This board is just before Ludhiana from JUC side. What does this means?by Gurjeet Singh, 2006-12-24 e-mail


Destination boards on the Narsapur to Narsapur passenger. This pic was taken on 25th December 06, on our Konaseema trip. We were taking this train upto BZA. The numerous destinations on the board caught my interest, and I decided to study the itinerary of

NG Bell Signals

NG 'Bell' code signals. I wonder how do they keep the count.


The bifurcation near Yelahanka showed me this. The very next track is towards Yesvantpur and the track at the far end is towards SBC. Abhijnan Ray, 11-Mar-2007