General IR Scenes - Archive 1

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Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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Crossing the Mhow-Chittaurgarh fast passenger at Chandrawati-Fatehganj (Ujjain-Indore). YDM4-6300 is in charge of the train. Chandrawati-Fatehganj Jn, 2005-02-19. By Abhijit.


A NKJ WAG-7 comes in with hopper wagons. Dankuni jn, 17/2/2005. By Vaibhav Sarin.


MGS WAP 4 # 22578 bringing 12 coach raj from east. timing is abt 1040am. This raj was well behind us and we were given clearance first to enter NDLS, so couldnt see destination board of this raj. The extreme two left tracks come from GZB and join at Tilak


Bfast on Raj. Veg Cutlet, croissant, jam , butter and mango drink. Hot Croissant with butter and jam was very tasty. By Shailesh Jasani,2005-02-15, On Board 2951 Rajdhani.


Veg Dinner onboard Raj. It was palak paneer, dal, roomali roti, rice, pickle and curd. Curd was best and salad was soggy. Quality ok. By Shailesh Jasani,2005-02-15, On Board 2951 Rajdhani.


WCAM 2P # 21871 ready to haul us. The loco on the right is to haul Kutch Exp. The skyline of BCT is full of multi storied buildings. One on ur right is famous \"Usha Kiran\" building. By Shailesh Jasani,2005-02-15, On Board 2951 Rajdhani.


Original import UBL WDP4 #20006 crawls in LHF with the Palnadu Superfast towards Secunderabad after passing through Maula Ali. Rail and Sleeper replacement is on at full pace in these parts. Lallaguda, 2005-02-15. By Gautam.


Our Train (6345) waiting for the 2617 ERS-NZM Mangla Express to cross. Notice the assistant on top of the loco. Apta, 2005-02-13. By Binai.K.Sankar.


Train No: 6345 DN, LTT-Trivandrum Netravati Express arriving behind an Erode WDM2c#17894 on Platform No.3. Panvel-PNVL, 2005-02-13. By Binai.K.Sankar.


A long shot of the Kalyan WDM2#18134 hauled KR4 Up Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger which was entering Panvel. Panvel-PNVL, 2005-02-13. By Binai.K.Sankar.


Ernakulam shed WDM 2A # 16674 hauls a BLC rake towards Khandala. Monkey Hill, 2005-02-12. By .asHIsh.


Shailesh Jasani looks at WCG 2 # 20146 leading two other bankers towards Karjat. Monkey Hill, 2005-02-12. By .asHIsh.


The Kumbakkonam-Tirunelveli Passenger snakes in to Thanjavur Jn headed by an ED WDM-2x. After the guage conversion works started, this train is one of the lifelines for people in these regions. Thanjavur Jn, 2005-01-29. By Gautam.


Another handsome appearing train but this time it is the Deccan Odyssey sided at Sindhudurg. Sindhudurg, 22nd Jan 2005. By Deep.


Joy riders? This picture was taken on Sunday at 07:00 hrs. Vasai, 01/30/2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.