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Date: 2005-10-19
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Time for us to leave Adarki. This is Pune WDM 2 # 17936 hauling the 1610 passenger bound for Pune. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


View behind the station master's office. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


It is easy to see why some of us speak often of this station. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


Almost across the straight section, the Gooty WGD 3A pair # 14917 and # 14995 visible from the platform. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


The classic Adarki loop view - in front of the majestic Sahyadri peaks. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


Gooty WGD 3A pair # 14917 and # 14995 emerge on the opposite side of the valley after leaving the tunnel 4. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


Yet another view of the Gooty WGD 3A pair # 14917 and # 14995 as they pass the small hillock I was standing on. Note the red flag on the trailing loco to mark the last vehicle. Also note the cutting in the distance on the right side, this was used by the


Another view of the Gooty WDG 3A twins # 14917 and # 14995 in front of the SM's office - also visible is my wife Shyama (white clothes) and the station master with his flags. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


Note the cutting in the distance seen at the left of the station board. This is the entry of the BG track into the Omega shaped track topology. The Adarki loop is not just an ordinary horseshoe curve !. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


The old station board itself. 'Adarki' in English, Hindi and Urdu. There is hardly any space for making a proper station at this location, so Adarki in the MG days must be a very tiny station. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


The old station board ! The MG alignment is also visible. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


The 1601A passenger leaving Adarki would pass through the cutting in the side of the mountain. The old MG line used to pass around the side of the mountain. The old station board of Adarki from the MG days is located on the left of the mountain cutting, q


This is a view of the south end of the Adarki station as seen from across the valley. One can see the signal box and the cutting in the hill on the left of the box. Today's BG track passes through this cutting. However the old MG track that ran till the 1


Baldies get a new home ! WDM 3As # 14036 mued to # 14041 seen in Guntakal colours hauling a Pune bound BCN. Till recenly, these locos were homed to the Gooty shed and were seen frequently in the Braganza ghat section. Now, after their relocation to the Gu


Another shot of Godavari express. Igatpuri jn. outskirts, 2005-06-03. Sachin Buddhisagar.