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Date: 2005-10-19
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Neutral zone. You can see four triangular gliders, two pairs of insulated rods separated by a short piece of wire grounded to the structure. Virar, 01/30/2005. By Prakash Tendulkar.


Under bright clear skies, Vaigai Express, led by a GOC WDM-2 crosses the Guruvayur-Chennai Express in the opposite direction. This is a single line section and there are a lot of such crossings. The GUV-MS express is an ideal train for such occurences. Ar


Rollercoaster! The AP Express to Delhi picks up speed on the downgradient and uses the momentum to retain speed on the short upgradient (Video Still). Nagpur, September 2003. By Alok Patel.


A view of the Krishna bridge from the rails the bridge is almost a kilometer long. BZA. By LakshmanT.


A View of the Bridges across river Krishna in the center is the old bridge made by the british and is flanked by the 3 newer bridges made in recent years. BZA. By LakshmanT.


A view of Thanjavur Jn from my hotel. The lines to the far end of the station lead to Tiruchirapalli Jn while the other end leads to Kumbakkonam, at present. This was a junction as MG lines used to branch off to Tiruvarur/Nagapattinam and Kumbakkonam. Now


The Beginning and The End: The spot towards Kumbakkonam/Tiruvarur where it seems as if the MG track disappears beneath the BG tracks!! The Unigauge juggernaut rolls on .... Thanjavur Jn, 2005-01-29. By Gautam.


wam4 hauling a passenger. Whitefield, Jan 24 2005. By Bharath Narayan.


Hampi Exp with twin WDP-4. Near Hospet, 2004-10. By Jay B.


An LGD and an ED WAP-4 present menacing faces to intruders as they stand guard at the Basin Bridge Trip Shed. Basin Bridge, Jan 2005. By Gautam.


The view towards the Pune – Mumbai line from the Valvan track. Note the EMU going towards Lonavala on the right. The second shed at the edge of the picture is used as stores. Kamshet, 2005-01-15. By Apurva (


Ashish photographs the end of the Valvan dam line. Also visible is the ramp that is used to load/unload material from a road going truck to/from the railcar. Kamshet, 2005-01-15. By Apurva (


The terminal of the Tata owned meter gauge line to the Valvan/Shirawata dam. The shed is used to stable the diesel railcar that runs between this location near Kamshet and the dam. Kamshet, 2005-01-15. By Apurva (


Lunch time on JS. Menu: chiken , veg ,egg biryani, puri bhaji and dal roti. I had veg biryani, kala jamun (as sweet) and dahi vada. By Shailesh Jasani, Dadar->Madgaon, 22/01/05.


KYN WDG 3A - 14563 standing at Chiplun waiting for us to cross.. look at the neatly dressed KR loco pilot. In contrast to other zones KR pilots and guard have navy blue shirt complete with strips, dark blue trousers as their uniform and rest of staff has