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Date: 2005-10-19
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WCAM-1 #21843 with one blown halogen lamp heads the Lokshakti Express from Ahmedabad. Look at Sachin hiding behind the traction pole. Don't get ideas, he's not doing anything!. Vaitarna, 2004-12. By Vivek Manvi.


The first train from Mumbai - 9011 Gujarat Express headed by WCAM-1 #21818 passes as the first rays of sunlight brighten up the sky. Vaitarna, 2004-12. By Vivek Manvi.


A giant Tamarind provides its shadowy caress to AJJ's 21320 of the WAM-4 class as it hauls the evening Express to Jolarpettai. BYPL. By Sandeep Mohan.


It's the holy season and pilgrims from Bangalore have a special all to themselves. This is the Bangalore - Ernakulam Sabrimalai Special which runs daily, and is as full as the Island Express. Today, an ED WAP-4 22568 is in charge of this train. BYPL. By S


Shot taken from 8233 Indore-Bilaspur Exp/Psgr at Khodri. This is where the ghat section begins that ends just past Khongsara. Bilaspur Katni section of SECR. This is the sole train on this section with the old VB maroon coaches, and is diesel (WDM-2) haul


This really took us by surprise when a Vatwa WDM-2 came in with the ADI-MAO holiday special train. Vaitarna, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


WCAM-1 # 21846 hauling the Valsad-Mumbai fast passenger. Vaitarna, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


Can't keep my camera straighter than this!! Notice how much does the train banks on this curve. Also notice one of the twin beam is not functional and the loco had the old marker lamps. Vaitarna, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


Pune WDM3A, #18578R smokes like a chimney as it pull Pune-Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express, out of the station. Pune Yard, 1-2005. By .asHIsh.


An old man takes a nap while the others are busy walking to their destination on the newly laid lines between Thane and Vashi. Thane, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


WCAM-3 hauled Mumbai-Pune Pragati Exp curves in just before the Parsik Tunnel. Thane-Diva, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


A WCAM-3 # 21958 hauling the Mumba-Nanded Nandigram express passes at a very good speed. Thane-Diva, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


The lines to the left are slow tracks which goes via Kalwa-Mumbra and the lines curving right are the fast tracks. Thane-Diva, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


Another view of WAG-5 hauled freight train snaking through the hills. Juchandra-Kaman Rd, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.


Freight trains never looked good unless and until they are seen at beautiful spots like this one! A WAG-5 performing duties. Juchandra-Kaman Rd, 2005-01. By Sachin Balwatkar.