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Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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"Breathtaking" isn't it? kamayani exp. Speeding towards Igatpuri. Thull ghat, 2005-06-03. Sachin Buddhisagar.


mangala express having left the its the turn of godavari express to take the centre arrives within a span of 5 minutes to be precise.. Thull ghat, 2005-05-25. Sachin Buddhisagar.


mangala express once can clearly see the pantry car. Thull ghat, 2005-05-25. Sachin Buddhisagar.


enter the "thull ghat tunnels"..impressive railway engineering feat. Thull ghat (kasara), 2005-05-25. Sachin Buddhisagar.


a new looking WCAM3 # 21945 Kalyan Shed with the 5017 dn LTT gorakhpur exp winding herself through the steep gradient of the kasara ghat. Kasara ghat, 2005-05-17. Sachin Buddhisagar.


WDP2-#15516 ready to depart with# 2431 Rajdhani. Trivandrum, 2003-11-04. Wp7713.


Capturing the shoot! Mohan watches as Shanx, Apu and John photograph
the by now ubiqutous Bhore Ghat shot - People hanging on the banker. Monkey Hill, 6/3/05. By Bharath Moro.


The WCAM 3 # 21955 heads the 1618 Up – almost all these locos have dynamic brake resistors which can be seen on the roof. The loco and crew (who normally work the Pune – Lonavala EMU services) would return to Pune by the evening from Karjat. Tunnel 26,


KJM WDM-3A #18546 snakes out of the tunnel 22 with the 6529 down Udyan Express. Monkey Hill, 2005-03-06. By Apurva (


Top view of WCG 2 bankers. note the number of people hanging. Monkey Hill, 06/03/2005. By Hrishikesh Moghe.


Top View of WCAM 3 heading 1007 Deccan Exp into tunnel 23 C. on the left Ashish & Shashank K ready for a photoshoot. Monkey Hill, 06/03/2005. By Hrishikesh Moghe.


Twin BZA WAG-5s waiting to depart. Both the locos have their pantos up due to heavy load they are hauling on a gradient. Duvvada, July 2004. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


Twin BZA WAG-5s hauling an empty coal rake from Simhadri Thermal Power Station. Notice that the rear loco with panto down even though the train is climbing up the gradient. Duvvada, Dec 2003. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


It's 0835 hrs. While, the 1013 waits, a Pune WDM2# 17739 brings in the : Kacheguda-Raichur-Falkuna : passenger service into Gangapur Road. Gangapur Road, February 8, 2005. By Nikhil Ganu.


It's 09:17 hrs. The 1013 LTT-CBE exp. departs Gulbarga and prepares to merge onto the main line when it meets the Mumbai bound Udyan exp. being hauled on that day by a single Erode WDM2. Gulbarga, February 8, 2005. By Nikhil Ganu.