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Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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This is what IR greets you with once you hit the hills. Kasara-IGP Section, 03 July 2005. Pradeep Galgali (uploaded by Sandeep Mohan)


Heading back home to Mumbai on the IGP-Kasara sector. The line next to us seems to be dedicated for freight movement. The Kasara-IGP-Kasara section is 3 lines but one runs a little away. Igatpuri-Kasara Section, 03 July 2005. Pradeep Galgali (uploaded by


SRC WAP4 22367 & GZB WAP1 22072 at the IGP AC loco trip shed. Igatpuri, 03 July 2005. Pradeep Galgali (uploaded by Sandeep Mohan)


Heading back home. Just outside IGP and towards Mumbai. Igatpuri, 03 July 2005. Pradeep Galgali (uploaded by Sandeep Mohan)


The Barmer - Sarai Rohilla Express arrives behind a brightly painted WDM3A #18908R from Bhagat Ki Kothi. Note the 'Rising Sun' logo of the Jodhpur based shed which is also the symbol of Rajput pride. Delhi Cantt., 2005-07-17. Shanx.


Erode's WDM 2 # 16479 (with chrome plated numbers on the buffer beam) brings in the Nagarcoil - Mumbai express. GIT yard, Ghorpadi, Pune, 2005-06-04. Apurva (


View of Silchar railway station from a road over bridge. Silchar, Assam, 2005-07-12. Samit Roychoudhury.


Gangmen sit on their trolley between a memu and a goods rake. They are waiting for a proceed signal to move towards Vatva. Ahmedabad, 2005-07-11. Abhijit.


A newly painted Kalyan Diesel loco-shed (KYN) WDS6 shunter #36138 has just completed pushing a rake into the siding (LV board). A 12 car CR EMU rake #205 (twin beam headlight) with a 'On TEST' display board waits paitently for its turn to rumble out. Bycu


Pune's WDM 2 # 17330 starts the 1609A passenger bound for Satara. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


Our 1610 passenger on the left is kept halted for a second consecutive crossing. The second train is the Kolhapur bound Koyna Express hauled by the Guntkal WDM 2 # 17530. Alandi on the Pune - Miraj line, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


On our outbound journey, we saw the baldie 3A pair from Guntakal, # 14036 and 14041, moving towards Pune with a BCN load. On our return journey, the same GTL baldies work a BTPGLN load from Pune. Alandi on the Pune - Miraj line, 2005-07-10. Apurva (iti@vs


A railway building off the platform at Velha. Velha on the Pune - Miraj route, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


The deep cutting that led the MG alignement out of Adarki at the north end. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (


View from the BG track out of Adarki - a bridge on the old MG alignment that turns much sharper than the present BG tracks. Note the Adarki station in the background. Adarki, 2005-07-10. Apurva (