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Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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It's 07:50 hrs. The 1013 LTT-CBE exp. is halted on the loop line @ Nagansur (Solapur-Gulbarga section). Within a couple of minutes, the 'Karnataka Exp.'(SBC-NDLS) being hauled by twin WDM2's from Itarasi shed (led by #18357) comes screaming. Note the Gree


Kalyan's WCAM3 #21882 hauls a downhill express while the WCG2s on the right are banking the Mumbai Pune Deccan Express which was ferrying Mohan from Bombay. John Mani can also be seen taking position on the cliffside. Monkey Hill, 6/3/05. By Shashanka.


Unique name board of 7032 Hyderabad-CSTM Mumbai Express. Notice the hinge in the center. The right half will be flipped, on the rake's return journey to reveal name board for 7022 CSTM-Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Express. MHC, 2005-03-06. By .asHIsh.


Nothing great about this photo except for the colours of the morning. Between Dharwad and Alnavar, 05-Mar-2005. By Naveen Jain.


MLY WDM2 16475 hauls an unknown passenger while 7054 waits for it to cross over from the Guntur/Nadikudi line. Note the size of the Driver-side glass which is much more in area as compared to the Assistant-side. Also note single-beam headlamp and WP-front


Railway workmen and their cycles get a ride on a flat rake transporting concrete sleepers. Near Manikpur, 2005-02-23. By Abhijit.


An unknown passenger train hauled by WDP-1 from BZA coming out of the bridge over river Krishna at BZA. Vijayawada, July 2004. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


A WDP-1 from BZA hauling a passenger train towards Guntur. Towards Guntur, just after Krishna Bridge, July 2004. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


Different items that will be used for Electric locos, spare pantos can also be seen. SBC, 19-02-2005. By Pavan Kumar.


Different sizes of bolts and nuts neatly places in store room. SBC, 19-02-2005. By Pavan Kumar.


Board showing Control Circuit of DJ WAG5A (modified). SBC, 19-02-2005. By Pavan Kumar.


Mumbai mail headed by twin WDMs crossing Shipra at high speed. The lead loco seems to be a WDM3A from Itarsi. Katiya Dandi, 2005-02-20. By Abhijit.


An old overhead water tank at Manikpur. Manikpur, 2005-02-18. By Abhijit.


An old bridge on the Bina-Katni section. Bina-Katni section, 2005-02-20. By Abhijit.


Ujjain-Mhow Passenger at Indore. Note the mil tankers being unloaded from the sides. the other train is the Akola-Ajmer passenger. Indore, 2005-02-19. By Abhijit.