Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Photos from various sheds, workshops, trip sheds, etc.

Date: 2005-12-16
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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52 This shed is for Wheel works.jpg

This shed is for Wheel works

49 A closer view to Ratlam WDM2.jpg

A closer view to Ratlam WDM2 at TKD Diesel shed

48 TKD WDP3.jpg

TKD WDP3 Pushpak at TKD Diesel shed

47 Old and new livery of TKD.jpg

Old and new livery of TKD at TKD Diesel shed

46 Dirty fellows queued up to take bath.jpg

Dirty fellows queued up to take bath at TKD Diesel shed

41 Bogies of WDP3 no more in use.jpg

Bogies of WDP3 no more in use


Inside the Abu road diesel shed. This is the daily Mmintenance shed.


Another view of the shed. ABR shed is an ISO shed and looked very professional


Condemned locos standing forlonly in a corner of the shed.


Front view of the Abu Road diesel shed. On the left are the daily maintanence sheds, on the right are the periodic overhauling sheds.


Major repair shed. A WDM2 is stripped down in the foreground. In the background, a Shakti is raised by jacks and the bogies removed


View of the sheds. The sign on the pillars in hindi say 'Pakshik, Masik, Vimasik evam Ardhvarshik Nirikshan'. Masik would mean monthly, Ardhvarshik would be half yearly...any ideas what the others mean?


WDM2 16814 is in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint. Right now it is parked in the load testing shed.


!!!!???? Saw this just outside the wheel cutting plant.


Paihyya Kharad Yantra....meaning the wheel cutting plant. Loco wheels are cut here, rather the edges are cut for best grip on the rails.