Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Photos from various sheds, workshops, trip sheds, etc.

Date: 2005-12-16
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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The hood of 16799 gets a clean up job.


The incinerator at the diesel shed. A lot of waste, even metals are fed in this. The by-product, 'carbon' is washed down with water to reduce pollution and collected in pits. Gaseous by-products escape thru the chimney into the atmosphere.


A WDM2 waits its turn for refuelling. In the meantime, it pollutes the atmosphere around with thick white smoke. In the foreground are solar panels used for heating water for the Distilled Mineral Water plant.


A bunch of electrics line up in the trip shed at Jhansi led by 22301 from Kanpur and 22013 from Ghaziabad.


All the 8 WDM 7's homed at Ernakulam has been transferred to TNP or GOC. All of them except this one have already left. This one was undergoing schedule and could not leave. A strange loco class indeed. All the bigger sheds refused them and finally Er


Short hood view of the last wicket 11010. The shed will miss thier WDM 7's badly. Hope the new masters will use them on better links than use as shunters


Ernakulam shed employees will always love thier WDM 7 loco DL 251 B Engines. Never will they get a chance to lay hand on one of them


Shed position at NKG Car shed.


A view of the DLS and ELS at Allahabad. A host of WAP4s in the background with one WAP5 overpower the five diesels in the foreground.


Shed Performance ELS Santragachi.


The Krishnaveni is now the official Mascot of BZA shed - and it has found a place in the shed logo too!


This one is for Apurva. Andal WDG 3A #13195 makes a visit to the diesel shed.


Rebuilt Itarsi WDM 3A #18593 undergoes a minor surgery.


A veiw of the Kharagpur diesel shed with WDM-2 locos. - Pulastya Parekh.


A complete view of the entrance to the Carriage Repair Workshop.