Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Photos from various sheds, workshops, trip sheds, etc.

Date: 2005-12-16
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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GOC WDP-2's have been Renamed as WDP 3A Recently. This beauty near the load box. 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


The cylinder bore of the WDP 3A Power pack.My god it was more than my head size. 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


Another WDP 3A in Rajdhani Livery. #15524 2006-02-26. - Ramki.


Look at the size of those Pistons. 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


Fading away. GOC YDM 4 locos no more holds a place in the shed. These locos are one among few remaining leaving way for BG locos. 2006-02-26. - Ramki.


The deserted and surprisingly silent MG Loco bays. Getting ready for more BG Beasts. 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


WDG 3A's at GOC!!! 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


The beauty Hauled the Rockfort Express That night. #15532 WDP-3A 2006-02-26 - Ramki.


A view of the Pune electric loco trip shed showing the native WCAM3 of CR as well as the visiting WCAM 1 from WR. Pune Jn., 2005-06-01. Apurva (iti@vsnl.com).


Before the loco is sent for duty, the brake pipe is checked for sustained delivery rates when connected to an open orifice. Pune Jn., 2005-06-01. Apurva (iti@vsnl.com).


NDLS trip shed. NDLS, June 2005. Siddhartha Ganesh.


AC loco feast at the IGPT AC loco trip shed. Locos from GZB, BSL, Tatanagar, ET. Igatpuri Station, 03 July 2005. Pradeep Galgali (uploaded by Sandeep Mohan)


Electric Loco shed Asansol Jn. At night.

54 A shed dedicated to Condemned Locos.jpg

A shed dedicated to Condemned Locos to take out reuseale parts

53 A closer look to a condemned TKD WDM 2A.jpg

A closer look to a condemned TKD WDM 2A