Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Photos from various sheds, workshops, trip sheds, etc.

Date: 2005-12-16
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Bye Bye Raj livery. All old Hawrah P4 are now going to be painted with the usual red ones.


No space for late comers. ERS Electric loco trip shed is bursting with 8 locos in it, whereas the shed was built for just 4. This shows the influence of electrification in the area.


I know we have seen this kind of a picture loads of times but this is the first in this year. The WAP 4's pose for a group photograph.


Locomotive preparation.


Indian Railway's latest Diesel Loco Shed at Sengottai! This shed is home to 12 YDM 4's. It has been built with a provision for conversion to accommodate Broad Gauge locos


View of the electric loco trip shed at ADI.


KYN WCAM3s awaiting their duties at the IGP trip shed...photo by Anish Niranjan


The SWR Track Machine Care Center at Yeshwantpur.
Ramdev Gowda. (Ramdev Gowda)


How many HP in all? There is one more behind the center WAG7 plus two more WAG7s on the extreme right which are obscured which makes it 40000 HP. Together with these there were 13 WAG7s and 2 WAP4s in the Kanpur ELS at that time.


A view of the vast expanse of Kanpur ELS. One can see roof pieces of WAG7 placed with red pantographs.


Another view of the shed with WAG7 27129 also seen.


God....what happened to you sir?


The trip shed at ADI. In the background, a WDS4 pulls out the rake of the Gujarat Queen


Shanx, This is our gift for you. Latest WAP4 ( #22723 ) captured on the road till date , resting at NKG trip shed (Sealdaha) . But GZB guy's how did the loco got so dirty in just 15 days, since birth?


A view of CNB ELS.