Locomotive Sheds and Workshops

Photos from various sheds, workshops, trip sheds, etc.

Date: 2005-12-16
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Pune diesel shed
Album: Pune diesel shed

Pune diesel shed

Pune Loco Trip Shed
Album: Pune Loco Trip Shed

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ERS Shed Trip
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Images from DLW
Album: Images from DLW

Images from DLW

Hubli EMD Loco Shed
Album: Hubli EMD Loco Shed
BSL Shed Visit
Album: BSL Shed Visit

A lonely WAP 4 waits at Ernakulam AC trip shed. Ernakulam Jn, 2005-05-01. Jimmy Jose.


Heaven or hell depending on whether you like diesels or not. KJM loco shed, 2004-01-04. By Bharath Narayan.


Locos being produced at DLW.


This is where WCGs napped after work. The DC trip shed at Kalyan. This place is to the east of the yard and is separated by a clutch of buildings and trees. You can see a diesel loco skeleton to the left!. Kalyan, Mumbai, September 2001. Alok Patel


The new logo of Hubli Diesel Shed adorns the short hood of WDP-4 # 20021. Pic by Manish Bahadur.


Golden Rock YDM4s 6038 and 6414 undego maintainence at the MG Shed at Mysore Jn. These are used on the Mysore-Chamrajnagar MG line. 22-04-3006.


Bogie frame at IRIEEN campus.Long & Short equalising beams can be seen in the picture.


Shed view from the Ponmalai Bridge. A shakthi from POH was there for some minor works. 2006-02-25 - Ramki


Can see the Traction Generator Voltage. It was set to 980 volts 110kmph with 22coaches Load. 2006-02-26. - Ramki.