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@MSM...the end result can be seen here in the FB profile of Shri.Vidyadhar Malegaonkar,CPRO/CR. The image of the first BSL rolled out WAG-9 # 31314. The link to the image,if its visible
Posted by Sachin Buddhisagar on 2012 Apr 02 04:02:25 +0100
Interesting. How good is the quality of work at Bhusawal shed as compared to what rolls out of CLW?
Posted by M S M Saifullah on 2012 Apr 02 03:49:54 +0100
Good job by Bhusawal shed. I hope the facility becomes a full scale loco assembly unit to augment CLW's production capacity.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2012 Apr 01 18:53:14 +0100
Nice Shot!!!
When was this picture taken?
Posted by Sameer Bhatnagar on 2011 Sep 19 05:33:48 +0100
Nice image. Like the loco getting surrounded by the greenery.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Nov 06 18:04:50 +0000
Wonderful image.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2009 Nov 06 15:33:50 +0000
I too think this is a WDS-6 of VSKP as I found VSKP WDS-6 in similar livery during my recent trip.
Posted by Ranjeet Ramaswamy Iyer on 2009 Nov 04 09:16:33 +0000
Ramesh, thanks for treating us with pics from GOC shed.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2009 Nov 04 05:55:49 +0000
This lad is probably WDS-6 36238 housed at VSKP
Posted by Deep Soni on 2009 Nov 04 04:25:52 +0000
Loco may have been used inside the GOC workshop before scrapping - note the CBC.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2009 Nov 02 16:07:49 +0000