ERS Shed Trip

Date: 2004-09-14
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Welcome to Diesel Loco Shed, Ernakulam. Home of the Sail Boat!!. By Jimmy Jose.


Enjoy your guided tour around the Diesel Shed.... Deep inside the locos, things rarely seen outside.... Enjoy your time, raifans!!. By Jimmy Jose.


These are the two pit lanes used for loco servicing. Each pit lane can hold four locos. The first pit lane, on the left is used for major overhauls while the one on the right is for emergency maintanence. By Jimmy Jose.


17620 has just completed her 24 months maintanence. The platforms are just the right height to work on the locos. The room on the left is the phone room. By Jimmy Jose.


Tired locos from distant sheds that make rare visits are also attended to here, like this Ratlam WDM 3A which came with the Marusagar Express. By Jimmy Jose.


Pit Lane no: 3 is for bogie servicing. By Jimmy Jose.


Pit Lane no: 4 is for loco wash, or loco bath. By Jimmy Jose.


The shed from the back. Extreme left is Pit Lane no: 3, followed by no: 2, no: 1 and at the extreme right is Lane no: 4. By Jimmy Jose.


The shed is almost situated in middle of a garden. By Jimmy Jose.


My friends are studying the radiator of the loco in the wash pit lane, 16293. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.


This is what they are desperately looking at. Inside the Radiator of a WDM 2. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.


This is the loco battery box no: 1. WDM 2 has four battery boxes. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.


Thats the complete battery set. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.


The WDM 2 control stand, LH. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.


Emergency Brakesers of the WDM 2. Ernakulam Diesel Shed. By Jimmy Jose.