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This was the condition of several mail/express trains leaving Dadar (CR) due to heavy downpour in Mumbai. (Apoorva )


This is what the loco WDM3a#18773R would say. (Apoorva )


"Where are the rails...hh!!!" Saying Kazipet #18763R WDM-3A hauling 1042 MAS-CSTM Express.
Water level was 6 to 8 inches above the tracks between Kurla and Vidyavihar. Motorman of our EMU took risk of going through. Shot taken at 15:30. (Sagar


Well, its not a plinthed loco! Its a dummy one. This pic was taken about 10-11 years back during my visit to Ramoji Film City, near Hyderabad. If see closely, its a dummy engine to be used for a film. Notice the coach behind the loco, it has r ubber tyres

Tunnel39_Bhore Ghats_11April2009

Interiors of Tunnel 39 (old number 15C) between Monkey Hill and Nagnath in the Bhore ghats. 11th April 2009, 3rd line in the Bhore ghats. (Apurva)


60Kg meets 52Kg: A view from the top showing the differences in the size of the width of the web between the two types of rails. Note the special profiled fishplate needed to mate these two rails. Monkey Hill, 11th April 2009. (Apurva)


This is the machine used to filter the sand used for sanding purpose.The sand is first filtered & then passed through air dryer to remove the moisture content. ()


Joint between a 60KG rail(left) and a 52KG rail(right). The 60 KG rail has slightly more height. As a result, the sleepers below 60KG rail are buried a little deep. ()


A Trackside shot - At Gooty Jn. Its a 52 Kg rail (Vibin)


A closer look of the warning on Elephant Crossing zone & the crew is instructed to whistle here (Ramesh)

tiny signal Wan Road 23Dec2008

The home signal at Wan Road is one of the shortest signals that I have ever see - barely the height of a man. The first time I spotted this signal from the 458B Akola-Ratlam passenger, it was too late to get the camera in position. The second time, I was


details written at kanpur central station (rajendra saxena)


Thanks to the increased height of BG platforms compared to the earlier MG one, this poor stall has gone 'underground'! (Karan Desai)

cover page of calender 2009

could not be clear waiting list for FC so posted in OL (Rajendra saxena)

picture 124

Rail Jam: A typical Scene that can be found in delhi. CNB WAP4 #22299 got caught in between the 2 Delhi bound EMU's.It was returning back to NDLS after shunting the Shram Shakti express at Delhi Safdarjung.1 more train can be seen at far end which was lat