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Date: 2003-02-22
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The paddle steamer "Bhopal", seen in 2014. (Tim Willasey-Wilsey)


Medha's omnidirectional DPCS antenna assemblies now make their appearance in WDM3A's 16715R and 16600R (right) which were MUed conventionally. The manufacturer's stamp (inset) calls this as a "MLRMS Antenna Assembly". Picture taken in Secunderab


ODDS and ENDS: The Seldom used goods sidings outside Tanakpur station now stable these snack joints. (Vishnu Nath)

Abhishek Kashyap IZN

In this way derailed coaches is lifted using Hydraulic Jacks , without any need of Crane.
(It is the part of Mock drill conducted at IZN station march 2014 with all medical team aid and ART drill, Two fully scrapped coaches used in this drill, one...

Wheel Lathe

CNC underfloor wheel lathe at ELS/VSKP for turning worn wheel sets. The lathe removes flat spots, shells the wheels, and re-cuts the wheel profile to pre-programmed specifications for different locomotives to an accuracy of 0.5 mm wheel-to-wheel. It costs

Tom Carr engine driver

A train that runs road and on rubber tyres? At Ramoji film city.


The unusual OHE , perhaps from the British Era at Sandhurst road station on the Harbour line. Notice that the gantries are mounted on the roof of the platform . These structures (along with the insulators) appear to be unfit for AC traction due to low cle

Scan 101

IRFCA's role in promoting awareness on Steam Heritage was recognized today when it was awarded this certificate and a trophy at the 9th National Steam Congress organized by the Indian Steam Railway Society at the National Rail Museum on 18th Feb. Three ch


The trophy awarded by ISRS to IRFCA for its role in promoting awareness on Steam Railways in India.


What shall we call it? Loop Road Signal? Found near Annexe II building at RDSO Lucknow! (Shubhabrata)


Not only IRFCA photographers, Locomotives too have a restricted entry at HWH Coaching yard. Can anybody please explain its purpose/reason? (Shubhabrata)

Unusual catch of locked Concor

This was the unusual catch for me seeing chain lock to CONCOR standing on loop line at Kelve Road. We got to know from a boy who was giving proceed signal that this was taken to loop line as LP was tired with extensive duty of 15 hrs. and next LP was expe

Wheel Floating Trolley-Upload

This is a trolley for floating of a jammed axle/wheel.If the axle/wheel of a locomotive is jammed on the line then this trolley is sent.The wheels of the loco are lifted with jacks and then this trolley is inserted beneath them.When the wheel is lowered a


This is how a Coupon Validating Machine (CVM) looks like when opened. This one at CLA was opened, but still operational. Due to RPF around the place, took a quick photo, otherwise had thought of a video (Abhishek Risbud)