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Date: 2003-02-22
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Up close with the Diamond Crossing at Nagpur. (Kshitij Halbe)


Picture showing the invasion of 25000V AC traction in Mumbai as on December 11, 2009, (not to scale) showing the progress made by CR & WR in bringing 25KV AC traction into Mumbai, ruled by 1500V DC at present. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


Any other function of this block or is it just for climbing the platform? (Samar)


Board showing rake sharing of Nainital express but with two spelling mistakes. (Samar)


Loooooooongest station name perhaps? on the RU-AJJ line... (Santosh Narayanaswamy)


Hope you all have seen this masterpiece artwork logo in most of the ERS based locos..Managed to acquire one of these stickers during my visit to ERS diesel loco shed. (deepak)


Samar and Anish wait on the Lucknow West Cabin as our train Lucknow Shatabdi Moves on towards New Delhi on a fantastic journey. (C G)

Surahi holder

Travel accessories of bygone era - Surahi holder. [Surahi - earthen pot to cool water] (Shirish)

Holdall and suitcase

Travel accessories of bygone era - Holdall and wooden suitcase with thick cloth cover (Shirish)

Big trunks

Travel accessories of bygone era - Large metal cases (trunks), used when transferring residence. (Shirish)


Travel accessories of bygone era - Mid sized metal cases (trunks) (Shirish)


A signal seen as a close up against a monsoon sky at Ambale. (Dinesh Hukmani)


A different pantograph on LGD's 22322 with double collector shoes. Even the compressor used to raise this was peculiarly box-shaped. (R Viswa Chandra)


The thing in white is the DJ/VCB.The supply from the OHE through panto is routed to DJ via roofbar & from DJ through 'bush bar' the supply is fed to the Main Transformer. ()


This is how a particular line is isolated in a trip shed using a lever which is kept locked..whenever a line has to be isolated the lock is opened & the lever is pushed down which cuts off the supply in the line. ()