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Date: 2003-02-22
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The old loco shed is now used as a coach repair facility. In 1980, this shed housed 61 steam locos. Roof of the shed is missing. Quilon Jn Jimmy Jose.


For how long will these stay here? Note that these name boards carry the new name for Quilon, Kollam. Railways have not officially changed the name of the station. Unlike Chennai and Mumbai, Quilon remains the smae in the station name boards. Quilon Jn


Details of ES class (ES 506) plinthed at Mysore Rail Museum. Jimmy Jose.


Inspection van at Vashi station: Work on the Thane-Turbhe line is on in full pace. On July 21, officials of the engineering department installed a new signal and put up overhead wires on the track of platform number 1 at Vashi station. Platform number 1,


Aryankavu trip: Night patrol room at Aryankavu station. 2005-12-04, Maheedhar.


Aryankavu trip: A strange structure spotted quite frequently on Tirunelveli-Quilon MG route. Any idea what could this be? 2005-12-04, Maheedhar.


Aryankavu trip: Turntable at Quilon railway station. 2005-12-04, Maheedhar.