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Good news!- National Rail Museum, New Delhi has dedicated their entire Annual Calendar 2012 to IRFCA. They have encouraged rail fanning too in the cover. They have showcased their Annual Diary to the unsung heroes of Indian Railway and again IRFCA has i


Toy Train in Sayaji Garden of Vadodara:
It was gifted by Royal "Gaekwad family" of Vadodara to Vadodara Municipal Corporation. (Bhaveen Patel)


Found this stone deep inside "Borra Caves" Nr Araku, Vishakapatnam, A.P.. This stone lies exactly inside and below the point where the railway track goes (Srikanth JNSV)


Can you believe ? these was used as a pump (!) to lift water to the overhead tank for supply of water at narrow gauge shed - Katwa (shubhabrata)


Ever seen these kind of structures?? These are the foundation for the catenary mast.The foundation are generally laid 3m below the earth for each & every mast depending upon the soil condition.Therefore you see electrification of any new section is no


The cycle is not meant for reaching the listed destinations!

Location: Balaghat Junction (BTC) ()

train stop system

Some sort of "Train stop system", mounted on a flatbed truck. I could also find out that it was made in Germany. Can any kind gentleman let know what this device exactly is and where is such devices installed? ()


Speed/time graph for 2640 with wap-7 30276 from KJM to JTJ. The time stamp is 7 minutes ahead due to my phone.(the run started at 14:56 and ended at 16:40) (Bharath)


Altitude distance graph of run on 2640 with Lgd wap-7 30276 from Kjm to Jtj- this should give an idea of the main reason for using three phase locomotives on the Sbc-Mas section-regeneration. Generated with Utrack. (Bharathn)


Speed/distance graph for 2640 with wap-7 30276. Minimum speed: 8 km/h Maximum speed: 132.4 km/h Average climbing speed : 70.7 km/h Average descent speed : 74.7 km/h Average flat speed: 79.9 km/h Average speed: 76.8 km/h Gene


Speed chart of the 2433 Chennai Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express from Chennai to Nagpur. WAP7 30274 was squeezed to the maximum with such an angonising run. Date: 29th August 2010. ()


Token passed...some fell down unfortunately. This is the food passing ()

Copy of DSC02868

Right, Proceed Sir! (713SR MDU_BDNK Passr. negotiating the only ghat section in the line between Usilampatti and Andipatti) (S. Aravind)


The twin cab WDG4 photoshopped for an April Fools' joke in 2010. A reality soon after that! (Shashanka Nanda)


Few of the many basic essentials at an LC !!! (Jayasankar Madhavadas)