Metros and Urban Rail Transport

Delhi Metro and other Metro, Trams or Urban Light Rail Systems in India.

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Date: 2006-04-29
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Mumbai' Metro Marvel
Album: Mumbai' Metro Marvel
Mumbai Monorail
Album: Mumbai Monorail

Images from Mumbai Monorail Inaugural

Delhi Airport Express Metro
Album: Delhi Airport Express Metro
Kolkata (Calcutta) Metro
Album: Kolkata (Calcutta) Metro
KR Skybus
Album: KR Skybus

Prototypes of the Konkan Railway Skybus.

Delhi Metro
Album: Delhi Metro

Photographs of the Delhi Metro, which
began operations on 25 December, 2002.

Calcutta Trams
Album: Calcutta Trams

A few photographs of Calcutta trams by J F Andrist and others.


Delhi Metro shining in the sunlight while the Sun sets down. DMRC is one of the shining examples of the modern India. The train is entering Akshardham metro station. Taken at Akshardham Temple, Delhi. (Debatra Mazumdar)


A recently acquired AC Rake of Kolkata Metro Railway.. This is the 3rd AC Rake of Kolkata Metro, built by ICF, and has been christened as AC 05/06.. Barring AC 01/02, the other 4 AC rakes sport this violet colour..Location: Dum Dum Junction (Siddhartha Mu


"Namma Metro" rake at Baiyappanahalli yard (Jayasankar Madhavadas)


The controls of the BMRCL display coach. (Sant Kulk)


The features of the Bengaluru metro. The consortium who is building the coaches is called as BRMM. (BEML - Rotem - Mitsubusi - Mitsubushi Electric) (Sant Kulk)


Here it is! The Display Coach of Bengaluru Metro finally makes its appearance! (Location: MG Rd - Anil Kumble Circle, Bangalore) (Sant Kulk)


Sneak Peek: Our very own Bengaluru Metro (BMRCL) coach for display will be unveiled in Bangalore today. (Sant Kulk)


Panel showing current position of all 4 units of MRVC rake.Currently drawing 1472 V/56A of OHE supply(DC mode).As soon as the train was in motion this supply dropped to 1300-1350 Volts.The blue symbol under unit 1 cab shows that the key was inserted in ca