KR Skybus

Date: 2003-11-28
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Konkan Railway's Skytrain (Skybus) model - this is the double car unit from BEML. Madgaon, 31st Oct 2003. By Apurva.


The single car unit from Kineco. These are made of fibreglass. Madgaon, 31st Oct 2003. By Apurva.


The BEML unit's ribbed bottom - the access to the Kineco single unit is through the BEML unit! Madgaon, 31st Oct 2003. By Apurva.


The basic mechanism of the Skytrain shown by a section of the supporting structure. Note the buffered trolleys that run in the guideway. There are three rails inside the guideway - two for rolling stock and one for carrying traction current. Madgaon, 31s


The support wheels that run on the undersurface of the duct can be seen - I felt that this was very flimsy for the rough work that was expected of them. Madgaon, 27th Oct 2003. By Apurva.


What the future holds - Sky bus at Madgaon. Madgaon, 31 Oct 2004. By Rahul Devesher.


Not in Business. Due to two recent mishaps, this sky bus project has been discontinued unfortunately. Madgaon, 22nd Jan 2005. By Deep.