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Date: 2006-04-29
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Map of Churchgate station on TMS LCD screen.Platform 2 and 4 occupied by AD 640 and VR 662 locals.Also Bo 721 has just left pf.3 whose status is shown by the Red strip after pf.3(Dn Fast line) (Apoorva Karlekar)


Map of Dadar station on one of the LCDs inside TMS.It clearly shows that pf.1 is occupied by BVI 695 local,pf.3 by VR 699 and pf.5 by BVI 693.The train shown on pf.5 is DR-BVI Fast scheduled at 18.35 (Apoorva Karlekar)


This is the first half of the screen showing station from Churchgate to Vile Parle.Photo taken after due permission from WR official. (Apoorva Karlekar)


Capture of the huge screen of Train Management System(TMS),Mumbai Central.The controller seen here is monitoring the CCG-VLP section.Sorry folks couldnt take a better picture due to low light inside TMS. (Apoorva K)

Tiny view of MMTS at NC stn

MMTS view at Nature Cure Stn at hyderabad