Delhi Airport Express Metro

Photos of the Delhi Airport Express Metro Service

Date: 2011-04-16
Owner: Shashanka Nanda
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A close up of the rake as it passes above the road traffic headed into the city. ()


The full rake can seen here as it passes above the Terminal 1 / NH8 interchange. The rake has been supplied by CAF of Spain. ()


The newly inaugurated Delhi Airport Express Metro starts climbing the grade out of the airport territory as a Spicejet Boeing 737-800 prepares to land on Runway 28 ()


Interior of the rake. Bi-directional seating is provided. No provision for standing passengers. Luggage rakes are available near all doors, while an LED display on top charts the progress of the train through its route. The interior is very similar to the


The Terminal 3 station of the Delhi Airport Metro. Note that the platforms have glass partitions separating it from the tracks. This feature can also be seen on the Hong Kong and Singapore Airport Metro Links as well. ()