Post Independence (1947) Narrow Gauge Steam.

This album contains pictures of Indian Railway narrow gauge steam locomotives from the post independence (1947) era.

Date: 2008-09-02
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Watering at Krishnanagar midway along the Shantipur to Nababwipghat ng line. Note that the water is delivered by means of a chute rather than a pipe.December 1979.


The tiny CS class tanks make even the Darjeeling B class look anything but 'toy trains'. Krishnanagar City, December 1979


At Nawabwipghat the local children find the visiting railfans nearly as interesting as the railfans do the pretty little CS class tank. December 1979


NH/4 #758, a 2-8-2 built by the Baldwin Loco Works in 1948 at Gwalior station.1982

F 727 ZE 101

4 KL Kurduvadi - Latur mixed train hauled by F 727 and banked by ZE 101 near Ramling.


ZE # 42 ( 2-8-2) of SER climbing the grade into Argora from Ranchi with the morning passenger train to Lohargada. 1987-03 (John Lacey)


ZP class No. 2 4-6-2 locomotive is hauling the stopping passenger between Pulgaon Jn. and Arvi tender foremost on 1997-02-22


ZP 2 locomotive, recently noticed as a pile of scrap on a flatbed wagon, has certainly seen better days. Seen here shunting at Arvi.


14 Mar 1980. Incoming train from Bhind enters Gwalior. Loco is Japanese built NH/5 814.
Gwalior station was off the right side of the picture and the turning triangle was formed by the main line, the line in the foreground and a third leg which...


Contemplating the narrow gauge from a variety of postures.Dhaboi 1993 (Mick Pope)


An unusual load awaits shipment from Pratapnagar as a ZB waits in the background. (Mick Pope)


Kangra Vallery Railway 2'6" tracks seen at Kangra(or Pathankot) station.