Post Independence (1947) Narrow Gauge Steam.

This album contains pictures of Indian Railway narrow gauge steam locomotives from the post independence (1947) era.

Date: 2008-09-02
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NM 4-6-2 #761 at Gwalior backing down onto Bhind train. Gwalior, 1982/04/10. Mick Pope.


BS 626 and BS 619 back down to collect empty bauxite wagons for the evening departure. Ranchi, 1983-01. John Lacey.


Dholpur ZA 2-8-4T #737 is in the loop at Gwalior bg station - not reguaged,just on a lowloader returning from overhaul!. Gwalior, 1982/04/10. Mick Pope.


Timely light engine BG arrival as BS departs on NG. Ranchi, 1983-01. John Lacey.


Context of the diamond crossings — NG over BG. Ranchi, 1983-01. John Lacey.


BS #638 on the ramp at Ranchi. Was the the offloading point for iron ore from ng to bg?. Ranchi, 1982/04/08. Mick Pope.


Guarding the coal stack or maybe it was just the strange behaviour of the tourist that puzzled them. Ranchi loco shed, 1982/04/08. Mick Pope.


The driver exchages a joke with two ladies as loco 679 is serviced at Lohargada, before returning with the passenger train.One of my favourites amongst my Indian NG pictures. Lohargada, March 1981. David Churchill.


Scene as cc class 679 runs around the triangle before re-attaching to the passenger train. Not a very photogenic location but gives some idea of the freight traffic. Lohargada, March 1981. David Churchill.


A train on what I assume is the unloading ramp from NG to BG. A photo showing the operation would be very interesting. Ranchi, March 1981. David Churchill.


NG train crossing the BG at Ranchi. Loco 648 of BS class. Does anyone know how this movement would have been signalled?. Ranchi, March 1981. David Churchill.


Peace reigns at the ng shed at Yelahanka with ES class pacific 508 up on blocks and wheelless as a cow grazes in the grassy yard. 1979/12/30. Mick Pope.


ES class pacific 507 slumbers outside Yelahanka ng shed. Compare it with the loco in my 'puzzle' picture -same manufacturer, built in the same decade but a 2-8-2. Mick Pope.1979/12/30


A few pictures from a journey on the Kurduwadi- Miraj NG line in March 1981.
Our train (7KM) loc and crew whilst taking water. #719 F class 2-8-2 built by Nasmyth Wilson in 1929


Another F class loco # 716 taking water. at Pandharpur? train 10PK probably