Post Independence (1947) Narrow Gauge Steam.

This album contains pictures of Indian Railway narrow gauge steam locomotives from the post independence (1947) era.

Date: 2008-09-02
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Pulgaon shed about as diminutive as it gets. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


4-6-2 ZP 3 at Pulgaon station, the cows have seen it all before. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


4-6-2 ZP 3 at Arvi station. I was asked for my permit letter here. Arvi wasn’t mentioned, I knew I had no problem because the policeman didn’t read English, he held the letter upside down…. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


4-6-2 ZP 3 on the midday Arvi-Pulgaon train. The trains here were always well patronised despite the faster buses on the next door road. That is until a private company was brought in to collect the fares…. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


Arvi sunset…. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


2-8-2 ZD 553 leaves Anjangaon on return working from Achalpur to Murtajapur. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


2-8-2 ZD 553 crosses a large girder bridge. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


2-8-2 ZD 553 at a level crossing scene on the Yavatmal line. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


2-8-2 ZD 553 at Yavatmal terminus before return. I think I was the only person on the train with a ticket, It took the stationmaster a long time to find one! By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


2-8-2 ZD 553 crosses the Tapona bridge just before sunset. By Rob Dickinson, 1990.


CC 680 narrow gauge locomotive at Baripada. uploaded by Harsh. Baripada, 1978-11. By J.M. Jarvis Harpenden, Herts..


NM 750 at Gwalior hauling a mixed local. Uploaded by Harsh. Gwalior, 1979-11. By J.M. Jarvis, Harpenden, Herts..


CC 4-6-2 #679 arrived at Ranchi on passanger from Lohardaga. Ranchi, Bihar, 1982/04/08. Mick Pope.


BS 2-8-2 #617 at Ranchi. Ranchi, Bihar, 1982/04/08. Mick Pope.


Ranchi narrow gauge loco shed with tenderless BS 2-8-2 616 in foreground. Ranchi, Bihar Mick Pope.