Post Independence (1947) Narrow Gauge Steam.

This album contains pictures of Indian Railway narrow gauge steam locomotives from the post independence (1947) era.

Date: 2008-09-02
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G class 4-8-4 # 729 at Pandharpur, built by Nasmyth Wilson in 1928


Our train loco was sick and eventually gave uo the ghost at Arag 17 km from Miraj. As the sun set the loco was removed from the train and we started to get worried about our main line connection at Miraj


Eventually to our relief a rescue loco #730 arrived from Miraj and we could resume our journey. the train was so late that we used up most of our 6 hour connection time at Miraj.


The simplest form of coaling a locomotive - manpower! Gwalior 1982


To introduce a short sequence on locomotive coaling activity, here is a shot in the rather barren NG yard at Gwalior with the ramp in place up which the basket carrying coolies will run with thier loads.


In response to recent queries on the newsgroup, I dug out this 1983 photo of Dholpur ng station. Here we see 2-8-4 tank and D/1 4-8-0 tender locos in the ng station. I think the BG is over the wall to the left. Some nice ng wagons in the sidings.

SER BS class 2-8-2 at Ranchi_e7e9.jpg

ZE #54 with the Jamner-Pachora passenger in tow approaches Pachora town. 1977. Photo by Balakrishnan Moro.


Sheltering in the shade of a convenient tree, Baldwin built NH/4 2-8-2 #756 awaits its next turn of duty in the spacious ng yard at Gwalior. December 1982.


A pair of NM class ng pacifics, built by Bagnalls in the UK, stand shoulder to shoulder in Gwalior station.Note the goods yard to the left where the trackwork looks to be laid to 'mainline' quality. December 1982