Station Scenes

Date: 2004-02-08
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Some passengers wait on platform while others sleep in the air-conditioned comfort, both oblivious of Mumbai Rajdhani loco switch from WAP-1 to WCAM-2P. Vadodra, 2004-12-26. By Puneet Kumar.


Workers using tongs to lift rails to an NG flatcar at Barddhaman station. Barddhaman, WB, Dec 2004. By Samit Roychoudhury.


The last MG EMU run in history of the IR. It was amazingly good luck that I could be on this train along with Poochi and Jason – everything went just right inspite of starting all wrong !. Chennai, 2005-30-06. By Apurva (


Waitlisted passengers pleading with the TTE for accomodation on a cold night under bright lights. Itarsi, 30/12/2004. By Shashanka.


Abu Road’s Metallic blue WDM-2C#17659 waits with a goods rake along rakes of the Fairy Queen and POW. By Vicky.


Entering Kharagpur station from kolkata.Photo taken while travelling by Falaknuma Express. Kharagpur, May 2003. By Aditya.


Unique sheds over passenger sitting areas in khed station. By Shailesh Jasani, Dadar->Madgaon, 22/01/05.


Coach Position indicator at Kudal stn. See special treatment given to JS !! Indeed JS is the crack train on KR... By Shailesh Jasani, Dadar->Madgaon, 22/01/05.


JS waiting for return journey as ED WDM 2C 14051 reverses and leaves. JS left 15 min late at 1425 hrs and reached DR at 2245 hrs 10 min before time!!!. By Shailesh Jasani, Dadar->Madgaon, 22/01/05.


The push pull train waiting anxiously on pltf 4 of Vasai Rd for train to start. By Shailesh Jasani. Vasai Rd -> Diva, 30-10-04.


Look at the grass growth in the station. It seems that passengers just dont visit this station. No other station in vicinity of Bombay would look like this. But this route is mainly for traffic to JNPT and there are only 3 passenger services daily which e


The station staff giving go ahead for push pull to leave kharbav. Look at the quite and serene environs of the station. By Shailesh Jasani. Vasai Rd -> Diva, 30-10-04.


Rail Aahar stall on pltf 1 of Vile Parle stn. As it was sunday crowd was little at 445 am and this stall was not in a hurry to start full operations. These stalls are seen in every suburban stn of Bombay. They serve people with variety of food stuff. Star


Indicator boards for the local train travellers on WR. These were on main entrance to pltf 1. For non bombaites, C stands for Churchgate, V for Virar, S for slow local and F for Fast. Alas, they are very old but still serve faithfully. By Shailesh Jasani


Scene at outstation IInd booking counter at BVI stn. Look at the queue of people on left. there were abt 70 odd people waiting for outstation counter to open, so they can book tickets to catch trains for gujarat. Happy souls sleeping in cold on the floor.