Station Scenes

Date: 2004-02-08
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Kalyan WDG - Shakti idles at Tivim station. It was going towards to Madgaon. Check out the unique platform without an overbridge. Tivim, Goa, August, 2004.


An RTM WDM2 brings in the Dahod-BRC passenger. WCAM1 hauled BCT-ADI passenger has just arrived on an adjacent platform while Amritsar bound Pashcim Express readies to depart behind BRC WAP4. Vadodara, 19/09/04. By Bharat Vohra.


Spotless white uniform and a neat station. 6509 gets a clear line ahead. Somewhere on Pune Satara section of CR. Pune Satara Section, 16/08/2004. By R.R.Bhagwat.


The entire rake can be seen here between two road overbridges. By Naren Damodaran.


A view of Pen station with WDG-3A \"Shakti\" with a BCNA rake and a WDM-2 emued to a WDG-3A. Pen, 2004-11. By Sachin Balwatkar.


The loco’s crew wait with the Adarki station khalasi while the station’s water tanks are being filled from a plastic Sintex tank in the parcel area of the 315 passenger’s SLR coach. Adarki, Nov 2001. By Dr. Shirish Yande (


Having filled the station tanks, the Adarki station khalasi stows away the rigid pipe used to take water from the plastic tank inside 315 passenger’s luggage area. The assistant driver carries the token to the loco. The Starter is at “Start with caution


On the ground, the rigid pipe is stowed away while the assistant driver climbs into the loco with the token. The water tank for Adarki station can be seen on the left. Adarki, Nov 2001. By Apurva (


6139 waits to back onto train 714 to Madurai. Bodinayakkanur, 2004/12/06. By Andrew Jones.


YDM4 6144 arrives into Eddaman with 741 Turunelveli - Quillon pass. Eddaman, 2004/12/08. By Andrew Jones.


Night shot of Kacheguda Station, one can see the clock showing the time 6:35 PM. Kacheguda, 15-12-2004. By Pavan Kumar.


Khandala Station early morning with Pragati taking a brake testing halt. Khandala Station, 12.09.04. By Dr. Shirish Yande.


The little 'Shakuntala' leaves for Murtijapur from Yavatmal with its ZDM5 diesel locomotive. The loco belongs to CR and so do the coaches. Yavatmal, September 2002. By Alok Patel.


The station is amazingly small for the amount of interest the line generates. This is pretty much all of Yavatmal station. The loco is ZDM5 515 owned by CR who operates the line as well. Yavatmal, September 2002. By Alok Patel.


WDP4 20002 heading with 24 coach Secunderabad Exp. snaking its way onto PF #1. Bangalore Cantonment, 27-12-2004. By Pavan Kumar.