Station Scenes

Date: 2004-02-08
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Circa 2004 ,A dismembered steamer which has gone to the dogs (cows). Wankaner, 2004-01-14. By AVIMANYU PYNE.


Arival of Rajahmundry - Bhimavaram Passenger (D139). Lakshminarayanapuram, 2003-11. By Mrs. Ratnam P.


DEMU service Rajahmundry - Bhimavaram Passenger (D139) awaiting departure. Lakshminarayanapuram, 2003-11. By Mrs. Ratnam P.


The waiting crowd surges forward as the Delhi Pass enters Rewari. Rewari Jn, 2004-02-13. By Mohan Bhuyan.


YDM-4 #6599 arrives at Agra Fort station, passing the Mosque. Agra Fort station, 2004-02-21. By Paul Molyneux-Berry.


WDM-3A #17382 belonging to the Jhansi loco shed (I think it is jhansi shed) brought the 'Palace on Wheels' into Jaisalmer on a very cold foggy January morning at around 9:30 AM. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 2003-01-11. By Nikhil Ganu.


The time was about 1000 hrs. Could this colourful train be Jhelum? Bhopal, 2003-12-28. By Udit Patidar.


MS - BZA Jan Shat lying in wait for the starter. Poochi Venkat, Bharat Moro and I were to go upto NLR to meet “Storm” Shanx and PVS. MS, 2004-04-03. By Gautam.


MS - BZA Jan Shat passes thru Park Town station in Chennai that fine April morning. Park Town, 2004-04-03. By Gautam.


A Ludhiana WAG-7 makes an unexpected appearance at NLR in the evening. NLR, 2004-04-03. By Gautam.


Golden Rock twins 16865 and16875 roar past, hauling the 14-coach Pallavan from Tiruchirapalli, en route to Chennai Egmore. Fellow railfan Vivek Harish and I were out to capture the last run of diesels in and out of MS (as was reported by newspapers though


A person hurries to catch the Kulem Vasco passenger. Kulem, 2004-05-15. By Naveen Jain.


[For Showcase] Mangalore Mail and an unknown express waiting for their departure from Chennai. Chennai Central, July 2004. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


A WAP-4 loco getting attached to the unknown train. Chennai Central, July 2004. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


These unique rain shelters for waiting passengers dot the Konkan Railway stations between Panvel and Swantwadi. Will they be removed after the rains?. Khed, Konkan railway, August, 2004.