Station Scenes

Date: 2004-02-08
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Shots from a roadbridge over Madurai station yard. YDM-4 #6241 shunting with empty stock, at around 1700 hrs. The loco is now pulling the coaches out of the station, and the train returned a couple of minutes later. Photo by Hendrik Ploeger, 24 June 2003


Clear information for the passengers is provided by this information board at platform #1 at Madurai. Photo by Hendrik Ploeger, 24 June 2003.


SRC WAP-4 #22349 trundles into NGP with the Mumbai Mail. Only some SRC locos have this livery. Check out the porters readying to climb onboard the running train after doing a nice little 5 metre run up. Very risky stuff. Also note the Accident Medical Re


The triple-headed iron ore freight train is ready to start. The Starter is amber and Home is green. Location: Araku on the KK Line. Photo by Naveen S Jain, Dec 2002.


KR's RO-RO rake waits on the main line, so the Trivandrum Rajdhani takes the platform line at Khed station. Note the livery matched train - the loco and the power car too! Photo by John Mani, 2003.


Can you guess which loco is hauling the BRH flat wagon? Yes, it is the flat faced ED WDM-3A #14049. Photo by John Mani, 2003.


A ZDM-5 Narrow Gauge Diesel stands at Yavatmal with the puny passenger which is ready to go back to Murtazapur. September 2002. Photo by Alok Patel


Flooded pedestrian subway at Bandel Station. It had knee-deep water! This was during the ER Heritage Special Commercial run, Sept 2003 (see album under Steam). Photo by Samit Roychoudhury.


A view into a station platform. Photo by Samit Roychoudhury, Sep. 2003.


A view from Mysore Station passenger footbridge. You can just spot a coal-fired MG steam crane. Also visible is the combined MG-BG track on which the GOC and KJM WDM-2 locos are resting. Photo by Naveen Jain, 21 Sep. 2003.


A view of the turntable at Vasco. This is a BG turntable and was installed after the gauge conversion to BG. Photo by Naveen Jain, Sep. 2003.


Zankvav station (narrow gauge - WR). This is an old pointsman's platform. The loop line has been long disconnected. The line was out of use then, hence the overgrowth. Photo by R. R. Bhagwat. Camera: Canon EOS88. December 2002.


A train approaching Kumbakonam station. Mid-1980s. Photo by Adam Akbar.


Platform ticket vending machine at Chennai Central, 5 October 2003. Photo by Hendrik Ploeger


An evening train pulls into Thiruvarur Jn. Photo by Adam Akbar, mid-1980s.