General IR Scenes - Archive 1

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Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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WAP-4 #22350 ; train 2860 up Geetanjali Exp ; supposed to be the first super fast train on CR. Nasik Road, 2004-03-02. By Sachin Buddhisagar.


WDM/2 17635 from ET is a fresh-paint job(?), with no shed markings or insignia up-front. It sports twin-beam lights as it changes points out of Nahur yard, heading a freight consist. Mulund, Mumbai, 7/24/2005. Sundar "nut".


Memories - The last train to operate on Vaccum Brakes: Alleppey-Dhanbad Exp leaves for it's long journey north behind AJJ WAM 4. The train has AB rake now. Ernakulam Jn, 2004-09-xx. Jimmy Jose.


Erode WDM 3A 14139 pushes a lone caboose into a by lane at Ernakulam Marshalling Yard. By Jimmy Jose.


Hard to beleive that this SLR could accomodate so many parcels. Parcels from Delhi being unloaded from Kerala Express at Ernakulam Jn. British had built SLR's to carry personal, or rather, checked in luggage of passengers. We now use them as parcel ser


Tribute to VB: A change over ceremony that occurs only a handfull of times in the whole of SR daily - AJJ WAM 4 21297 has just brought in the Dhanbad Alleppey Exp from Chennai to Ernakulam Jn. The coolie os getting in the cab to take out the drivers box


Tribute to VB: Yesterday of IR meets Tomorrow as the VB train and AB train cross side by side. Very lucky shot indeed. Ernakulam Jn, 2004-10-02. By Jimmy Jose.


Netravati Express departs ERS behind twin ERS and ED WDM 2's. The train is usually hauled by Erode WDM 2C but today there is a loco failure and the ERS WDM 2 is helping the ED WDM 2 behind in hauling the heavy 23 coach train. Mumbaikars, watch out tomor


For railfans interested in loco links - CBE-NZM Kongu Exp gets a Moula Ali WDM 2 from CBE to SC. The train waits with its power WDM 2 16333 at Coimbatore. 2005-07-08. Jimmy Jose.


Mad link - a collectors item for loco link fans. The ERS-Patna Exp is hauled by an ERS WDM 2 from ERS to MAS though the line is electrified. The loco travels a good 689 km through electrified territory. Why electrification when trains like this run wit


ERS is still confused on the road number of this loco. It's a transferred WDM 2C from ED, now redesignated as WDM 3A by ERS. During ED days, it was 17968, It's builder's plate says 18968. Now ERS has decided it is neither 17968 nor 18968. It is origin


MG pointsmen! belonging to MDU diision invloved in shunting activities. QLN has a lot of MG activity due to this coach care centre. Quilon Jn Jimmy Jose.


A YDM 4 involved in shunting at Quilon Jn. Look at the OHE wires on top of MG line too. Jimmy Jose.

GT Express 2

Double Headed GT Express Between Wardha and Balharshah. Taken sometime in March 1986


A busy day coming to an end. Goods yard Trichur, 2004-09-21. By Ajith Unnikrishnan.