General IR Scenes - Archive 1

Pictures uploaded till 2005. This is an archived album. No fresh material will be added.

Date: 2005-10-19
Owner: Bharath Moro
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Guard of Navjeevan Exp to Passenger in S7 coach - 'Not fair, You are usurping my job!'. Sulurpeta, 2004-04-04. By Bharath Moro.


BZA WAG-5D #23370 leads the 2077 Egmore - Vijaywada Jan Shatabdi out of Nellore. The WAG-5 appeared because a loco failure the previous day had thrown links out of gear. Nellore, 2004-04-04. By Bharath Moro.


Guntukal WDM-2 #18243 leads a Ballast train at Londa. Londa, 2004-05-15. By Naveen Jain.


Rani Chennama waits for an All clear from the Gaurd a the assistant driver looks on. the Starter is already Amber. Londa, 2004-05-15. By Naveen Jain.


An Ore train and MUed WDG-4 wait patiently for the Rani Chennama to pass ba to Londa. between Alnawar and Londa. Alnawar, 2004-05-15. By Naveen Jain.


WDM2 hauled freight with parcel wagons. By Tamish.


a CNB WAG with a freight blasts through at a good speed..Odha.


habibganj-jabalpur janshatabdi arriving at habibganj railway station. Habibganj outer, 14/1/04. By Ankur Dwivedi.


MAS - MYS shatabdhi with a rather rare WAG 5 from BZA. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


Too close for comfort.GTL jumbo loco, and above it the SA-YPR passenger proceeding towards YPR via BAND,Hebbal. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


Another shot of YPR - SA passenger and the GTL loco.Pretty rare scene. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


SA-YPR passenger on the bridge(BAND-YPR line) near the CHNS Cabin.GTL loco proceeding towards KJM on the SBC - MAS line. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


SBC - MAS Passenger going towards KJM,with AJJ WAM4. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


Pune WDM2 chugging away with empty freight rake. BYPL, 19Apr2004. By Raghuram CG.


Link Express, which becomes Dakshin Express at KZJ, hauled by a BZA WAM-4. Notice the vacuum braked rake. Duvvada LC, 2003-12. By M. S. M. Saifullah.