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Date: 2005-10-19
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Couldn't resist this one. A WAP-4 from Erode accelerating out of Nagpur with the TN Express one rainy afternoon. Nagpur, November 2003. By Alok Patel.


Twin WDM2s hauling a BOXN rake in completely electrified territory. Godhni (Nagpur), October 2003. By Vinod Bawne (Provided By Alok).


A WAP4 tears through the countryside with an express. The first coach was an LHB type coach from what my friend had described. Bharatwada (Nagpur), October 2003. By Vinod Bawne (Provided By Alok).


A live LDH wag5 and WDM2. SC, 10-07-05. Lakshman.


The East coast express arriving with Mued KJM locos from HYb going to Howrah. SC, 10-07-05. Lakshman.


Engineering in action: notice that the iron ore fines have formed a distinct angle inside the wagons and the angle is fairly consistent. This angle is called angle of repose or stacking angle. Visakhapatnam Electric Loco Shed, Dec 2003. By M. S. M. Saiful


Twin WAG-6Cs crawling towards the ore yard, about a kilometre away. The marshalling yard is visible right in front. Visakhapatnam Electric Loco Shed, Dec 2003. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


The Man and his trusted machine which is as old as his service. Lingampalli, 16-06-05. Lakshman.


For Showcase: A panoramic view of VSKP trip shed. WAM-4, WAG-5E “Krishnaveni” and WDM-2s can be seen. Visakhapatnam, Dec 2003. By M. S. M. Saifullah.


CNB WAP-4 #22055 converted from WAP1. Note distinct "WAP4" lettering, re-done side lamps. NDLS Trip Shed, Dec 9, 2003. By Gautam (gautammmmm).


A BRC WAG-5HA carrying out shunting duties. Faridabad, 19/12/03. By Vaibhav Sarin.


Ujjaini exp headed by a WDM-2 notches up. 19/12/03. By Vaibhav Sarin.


Himsagar Express arrives with a AJJ WAM-4 no. 20422. 19/12/03. By Vaibhav Sarin.


The BCT - Ferozpur Janata Express headed by a BRC WAM-4 with its front pantograph up. 19/12/03. By Vaibhav Sarin.


Power Parade at NDLS trip shed (South-end). Could not identify loco behind the WAM-4. New Delhi, Dec 7, 2003. By Gautam (gautammmmm).