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Date: 2005-10-19
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WAG-7 #27049 hauls a southbound container train between Agra and Delhi. 2004-02-21. By Paul Molyneux-Berry.


WAM-4 #21210 hauls a northbound passenger between Agra and Delhi. 2004-02-21. By Paul Molyneux-Berry.


An empty coal train returns back for more coal for NTPC Simhadri. Duvvada, 2004-03-04. By Ranganath Eunny.


One Day @ Duvvada: MAS-VSKP weekly express crosses Duvvada towards VSKP. Duvvada, 2004-03-04. By Ranganath Eunny.


One Day @ Duvvada: Dhanbad-Alleppy VC raked train arrives at good speed. This one has a halt at Duvvada and is hauled by an BZA WAM-4 .Duvvada, 2004-03-04. By Ranganath Eunny.


One Day @ Duvvada: Ajni WAG 7 bringing coal from Talcher to NTPC Simhadri. On the right one can barely make out a seperate line. This one breaks out of the HWH-MAS line before of Duvvada. It further breaks into two loops outside the Duvvada station house


Big Version: WDM-2 #18533 from Erode surges past Atul with the Okha-Ernakulam Exp in tow. Atul, 2003-August. By Bharath Moro.


For the Railways , a social obligation ; for these gangmen , a life line. The water tanker (ex milk wagon) atttached to the 207 Viramgam - Okha Passeneger supplies water to an underground tank at a wayside ganghut. Very ingeniously, a discarded telegraph


Chennai-bound Shatabdi. Near Whitefield, 2003-12. By Naveen Jain.


WCAM-3 #21947 goes to take up charge of the Pune-Mumbai Indrayani Exp. Pune, 10-Feb-04. By Jai.


The ap express with loco no 22206 curving at sevagram this was shot from my coach without peeping out!!!!!!!!!. Sewagram outer Lakshman.


Howrah — Jan Shatabdi stock. Howrah, 2003-12-18. By Wp7713.


Sabarmati YDM-4 with Ajmer - Purna passenger leaving Basmat station. Basmat, 2003-12-13. By Sachin Balwatkar.


At Egmore: WDP-2 #15502 on Vaigai Express. Egmore, 2003-10-26. By Wp7713.


WAP-4 #22281 hauling the MS - MDU Vaigai express picking up speed after halting at Tambaram. Taken from the ROB at Irumbuliyur. 2004-01-10. By Bharath Moro.