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Passengers clamouring to get aboard the steamer `Hebe'.


The Ferry Dock on Patna side.


Gems around Varanasi # 5 , YDM5 6098 plinthed outside DLW office.


Gems around Varanasi # 2 Plinthed GE WDS1 . This loco engaged in shunting service in 1976 but withdrawn from service and plinthed in 1978. Anyone knows why ?


The once utilised coaching area during MG now Abandoned & in Shambles ::Vibin Andrews:: railtraction@gmail.com


The Tracks stood on these piers... the tracks arent there anymore but the piers stand and the pit also ::Vibin Andrews:: railtraction@gmail.com


A mixed train crossing the Attock River (Atak in local language) bridge in year 1900 - scan of picture offered on eBay.


Fairy Queen and an XC class locomotive in front on the Indian Parliament at New Delhi in April 1930. Picture scanned from Indian State Railway magazine.


On the occasion of 75 years of railway in India, several locomotives including the Fairy Queen (EIR 22) were brought to Delhi and parked in front of the Parliament House for a public exhibition. Picture scanned from Indian State Railway magazine.


this will give idea of alignment from colaba to churchgate as asked by sri Shashank Nanda . A trains is coming from Colaba to Churchgate (Rajendra Saxena)


Great Indian Peninsular Railway Class EA/1 1Co2 No. 4000 (later renumbered 4003; became Indian Railway Class WCP1 No. 20002) was one of the three experimental electric locomotives ordered by GIP in 1928. This example built by SLM with electrical equipment


A candid shot of the Parsik tunnel shortly after it was opened. Locomotive seen is GIP No. 401, a class D3 4-6-0 engine built by Vulcan Foundry in 1912. Reproduced from a glass plate negative.


This is what I believe The Imperial Mail pulling into Nagpur Junction. This is an undated photograph reproduced from a glass plate negative. However the shining 4-4-2 E1 class locomotive at the helm suggests that the picture could be from 1910-5. Note the

NGP-CWA NG trip 062

Paintings at Motibaugh NG Museum 7: An old time WDS! In times of loco shortage, the shunting work done by the mighty elephant! Later we were told that this was a regular view at Chhindwara Jn station. Dr Akash Bang

NGP-CWA NG trip 061

Paintings at Motibaugh NG Museum 6: Another wayside NG station! Dr Akash Bang