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Old picture of Bombay Poona train. The sign board reads' Bombay Poona Express'. Can anyone provide any more information ?


Ernakulam Jn in 1976. What you see on the right is where the PF no. 1 is situated now. Photo by Heinz Buhler. Website: http://www.heinz-buehler.ch/


Ernakulam Jn in 1976. Photo by Heinz Buhler. Website: http://www.heinz-buehler.ch/


Ernakulam Jn in 1976. During the time, the station had both BG and MG tracks. Ernakulam-Trivandrum route was converted from MG to BG in 1979. Photo by Heinz Buhler. Website: http://www.heinz-buehler.ch/


comments anyone?


i got hold of this photo from a friend of mine whose grandfather is a retired station master..Mr.Ganesh Apte(90 years old).so thought of sharing the photo with you guys...
information about the pic...mid 1925-30 showing construction work on the...


Charbagh (Lucknow) railway station. Date unknown (pre-1947). Photograph provided by Anand Sahastrabuddhe (personal collection).


Can anyone identify this station? My father took this photograph during World War I and it may help me identify his route across India -- Les Bailey.


British soldiers moving across India during WWI. Unknown date and location. Sent By Les Bailey (uploaded by Prakash Tendulkar)


This is one of the BPT diesels, a very unusual 0-4-4-0 built by the Canadian Loco Co in 1961, which looks like two single locos welded together. it can't have been very succesful as it was out of use and outlived by 60 year old steamers.

Delhi Station Building Built in 1864 view taken in 1920 208_0128.tif

Delhi Station Building (1864 vintage). Picture taken in 1920.


Semaphore signals on a foggy morning. Location unknown.

Copy of PHA-41

The old building alongside the new one at NDLS.


The original NDLS building


Railway accident. Kumarathi, 7-July-1931.