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Mt. Mhow Erupts...

Mhow YDM-4#6737 smokes heavily as it leaves Rajendra Nagar with Ujjain-Khanwa Passenger. (Vivek)


WDP-4 hauled Mumbai-Kolhapur Koyana express just after Daundaj. 2011-11-26. (Lalam)


WDM3A #14046 of Ernakulam all set to return to Shoranur with the 56618 NIL-SRR Passenger. The signal cabin seen in this image is in its last few days. Works on replacing the semaphores with MACL would begin shortly, and most preliminary works are complete


After bring in Shornur Jn - Nilambur Road passenger, former "Electricity Bill Counter" does a reversal to take the Nilambur Road - Shornur Jn - Ernakulam passenger. This loco was cut at SRR and another ERS WDM-3A did the hauling till ERS (Jayasa

"Sabarmati (SBI) WDG-4 #12491" hauling the Dead link "Tuglakabad (TKD) WDP-3A #15540" of "14036" D

"Sabarmati (SBI) WDG-4 #12491" hauling the Dead link "Tuglakabad (TKD) WDP-3A #15540" of "14036" Dhauladhar Express. Which arrived Shakurbasti (SSB) full 3hrs 40mins late of it's regular schedule. (Sameer Bhatnagar)

bct line up

The other barons lined up waiting the call for duty. BRC WAP 4E #22392, BRC WAP 4E #22705 and BRC WAP 4E #22813, BL WCAM 1 #21822 and BL WCAM 2P #21864 were included in the parade. (Sid)


Kalyan WDG-3A 'baldie' shunting RO-RO at Surathkal Station in Konkan Railway. (Akhilesh)


A sight that will never be seen again ! The King blasts through Borivali behind a WCAM-2P raising storm of dust one day after the conversion . (Aadil)


A sealdah bound EMU crossed the bridge over the river Ganges at Bally ghat in Kolkata. (CG)


As ET WAG-5A Barbiedoll twins accelerates towards Saugor with a fully laden BOXNHL rake another BOXNHL rake led by TKD WAG-9 # 31193 hurriedly moves towards Damoh under the 2x25KV AC supply catenaries, this section is having very very high amount of BOXN


This is how a railfan expects his every day to begin.. in a Side Lower berth, speeding across the tracks, with a trusted book for company. (Karan Desai)

DSCN4195 (2)

Gooty WDG-4 twins 12310-12441 negotiating a curve and entering Mysore Jn with BTPN rake (Sukruth R)


Train coming out from the tunnel of TGR-2 which was built in 1950 on the UP line with a catch siding can be seen on the right side and negotiating beautiful curve also.Heading towards Mumbai. "Thull Ghat Tunnels"..Impressive Railway Engineering

Final Merged

Same Shot, Same Location, Same Angle, Only Difference is the Gauge(BGKT WDG 4 crossing Ram Ganga Dual Gauge Bridge with a BCNA Rake)(IZN YDM 4 with Ruhelkhand Exp Crossing Ram Ganga Dual Gauge Bridge) (Ami verma)


Nizamuddin-Yesvantpur Sampark Kranti express negotiating the famous Daundaj curve.2011-11-26. (Lalam)