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Date: 2012-09-15
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KYN WDP-4D (Gaurav) powering 11019 Konark Express!!!! (Mohitkumar Tandel)

Pole Star Express

Shot at an un-manned level crossing between kashipur and ramnagar by Ajay Talwar (vikas chander)

Railroad to Sirius

Shot at an un-manned level crossing between kashipur and ramnagar by Ajay Talwar (vikas chander)

CKM passenger

Images still cannot capture the real sight to behold. This humongous Lakya viaduct with a curve witnesses the 'Grand' train from Chikkamagalur every dawn to the call of Peacocks. Truly a heavenly place. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Swarna Jayanti Express rushing to TVC with ED WAP-4 under heavy rain crossing Paravur lake (Jayasankar Madhavadas)


Incoming Waghai Bilimora NG service at Bilimora. (Jatin Bhavsar)


Achalpur bound narrow gauge passenger crosses dry river bed of Chandrabhaga river at Chamak Budruk. 2011-10-27. (Lalam)


Yavatmal bound narrow gauge passenger starts from Murtajapur to enters a Daundaj like curve


Smoking YDM4s and semaphore signalling. An attempt to put an Indian Railways era bygone, into perspective. (Y Anil Kumar)

Vadgaon Kamshet

Under a complete overcast LNL Pune EMU proceeds towards TGN for its next halt. (Ashwin Rao)


Just 3 coach long, narrow gauge, Yavatmal Shakuntala passenger, lead by ZDM-4A, approaching a 100+ years old bridge with a caution order of 5Kms/hr. Location : Near Murtajapur. 2011-10-25. (Lalam)


There is nothing half so pleasant as returrning home after work..!
Seen here is Motibagh based ZDM-4A#230 locomotive ready for departure with 58715 Telibandha - Dhamtari Passenger while daily commuters/ labors return to their home after completion...


The Scenic Miraj Line & Daundaj Curve: On a overcast afternoon, YPR bound KSK headed by an EMD makes a complete U as it proceeds towards Walha.


A pair of light WDG4s run scatter Warkaris walking on the track. Near Daundaj, 6th July 2013. (Apurva)


A bunch of cabooses are being powered by the Thull Ghats by 15000 horses.