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Parsik Hill 19th May 2013 046 ES

Amid the contrast surroundings, the highrise towers and slums, the hill, tunnel and the creek beyond, Mumbai EMU smoothly marches ahead. (Sanket Gosavi)

New Delhi - Kalka Shatabdi '12005' speeds behind the power of it's regular Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 'HOG' #30277, belts along the f

New Delhi - Kalka Shatabdi '12005' speeds behind the power of it's regular Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 'HOG' #30277, belts along the flower fields of Narela. (Sameer Bhatnagar)


A Cheetah is on the prowl at the Dufferin bridge in Varanasi as thick mist engulfs the Ganges on a cold December morning. (Abhijnan Ray)


VSKP WAG-5D #23900 curves smoothly through hillocks before crossing the massive steel and girder bridge after Koraput. (Sunil Shukla)


Baiyyappanahalli: The signal turned to proceed and we watched with bated breath. We were not disappointed as the Mysore-Chennai Shatabdi Express came thundering past. The metro station can also be seen in the background. (Y Anil Kumar)

Daund Pune Passenger

As the Sunrises 51402 Manmad Pune passenger train approaches Loni for its next scheduled halt behind Pune WDG3a #14565. (Ashwin Rao)


What can be better than to indulge in two of your favourite pastimes in one go? The Howrah - Okha Slip Express forms a perfect backdrop to flocks of Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus minor) as it enters Jamnagar station.


The Veraval - Dhasa passenger ambles its way through the Gir Forest to enter Sasan Gir station. Trains running through the last home of the Asiatic Lion are restricted to 15kmph through the forest section.


Entering Sasan Gir station was like travelling back in time. A quaint little gate, more at home in a picket fence around an English garden leads the way on to the platform.

Twins BCNA Shenoli

GY Twins WDG3a #14553 (baldie) #14567 hauled fully loaded BCNA rake between Shenoli and Bhavani Nagar. (Ashwin Rao)

Caboose Express

A Caboose Express hauled by twin WG4s and banked by triple WAG-7 pushes up the Ghats gingerly (Trayambak Ojha)

DD Passenger-1

51451 GY WDM3A #16474 with a puny load of Pune Daund Baramati passenger between Uruli and Yewat. (Ashwin Rao)


VSKP WAG-7 triplets negotiate a tight curve after Jeypore towards Koraput. (Sunil Shukla)


VSKP WAG-7 triplets with their front pantos up prepare to negotiate a tight curve just after Jeypore station towards Koraput. (Sunil Shukla)


Reflecting Colour... (Pramit Mitra)