Aftermath of head-on collision. The description in the scanned text associated with this image did not have further details apart from a mention that this collision occurred in December 1907. However, this photograph also appears in the book "Railways of the Raj" by Satow and Desmond, where it is described in more detail: "Spectacular collision near Ludhiana on The North Western Railway on 27 December 1907. Two 4-4-0 M-Class rear in death embrace. Twenty people were killed and many were injured (Illustrated London News, 8 February 1908)."

The NWR letters can be seen on both locomotives and the one on the left is No. 802 which was built by Sharp Stewart in 1902.

Photograph originally from Illustrated London News. Scan from the Internet Archive of Book Images. (Admin)

Date: 2014-09-02
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