Flash Floods - Dhadhar River

Pictures of flash flooding of Dhadhar River and subsequent delays to the 2009 Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express. Photos by Karan Desai (IRFCA Mumbai)

Date: 2008-08-15
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The chaos at the Enquiry Counters at Vadodara after Flash Floods threw all trains out of gear.


The LCD TVs installed inside a few coaches of 2009/2010 Shatabdi Express. (Karan Desai)


This photo is not blurred- this is exactly what one can see from inside the vinyl-pasted coaches of 2009Dn Shatabdi. The loco seen is SRC WAP-4 with the HWH-ADI SF Express waiting at Surat.


This BCNA Freight led by GZB WAG-5HA #23461 was made to wait right on the damaged Dhadhar river bridge on the Dn line. Any idea why this is done?


Unexpected stop at Miyagam Karjan Jn gave me this unexpected spotting- a NG train! Any idea which shed does that cute orange-grey loco belongs to?


The source of all troubles- Dhadhar river was flowing just two feet below track level as seen here. Look at the new bridge being constructed. Thankfully it is being made higher than existing bridge.


The NG tracks at Vishwamitri go under the waters.


Two freights, one led by a BSL WAM-4 and another by BRC WAG-5 wait at Nabipur for their turn to move ahead. The flash floods threw passenger time table on BCT-BRC section totally out of gear and the biggest sufferers were freights.


2009 Dn Shatabdi waits on the UP line while an Up Freight waits on the DN line on the damaged Dhadhar river bridge near BRC.


2009 Dn Shatabdi waits at Surat at its first "Terminated Till Further Notice" stop. This lasted from 09.45am to 11.15am.


2009 Dn Shatabdi waits at Miyagam Karjan Jn. at its second "Terminated Till Further Notice" stop. This lasted from 01.45pm to 03.15pm.


2009 Dn Shatabdi waits at Kashipura at its third "Terminated Till Further Notice" stop. This lasted from 03.30pm to 04.00pm.