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This same loco ( BSL WAM-4 #20555 ) I'd spotted idle at BSR yard on the 14th Aug.morning & informed Akshay Marathe about the same.
Posted by Piyush Merai on 2008 Aug 19 14:55:23 +0100
When the Vishwamitri river passing through the middle of Vadodara overflows, this particular area is under 4-5 feet of water. This time it did not overflow.
Posted by Abhishek Nair on 2008 Aug 16 17:40:36 +0100
No sir. It's the rake of Virar-Surat Passenger. Note the double-decker coaches lying intermittently. Flying Ranee has all its DD coaches together.
Posted by Karan Desai on 2008 Aug 16 08:21:03 +0100
Flying Ranee on your Left??
Posted by Kharad Zarir Variyava on 2008 Aug 16 07:17:55 +0100
A WAM hauling a freight is something cetainly far from routine. But what with so many P4 coming in .....
Posted by Zubin J Dotivala on 2008 Aug 15 07:38:45 +0100
I have seen a similar picture at . A
freight train was made to stop right on the bridge during
heavy floods. This is to give additional anchoring to
the Bridge, so it can stand against the raging waters...
Posted by Manohar Natarajan on 2008 Aug 15 06:07:17 +0100